Muslims Grave Sites + Muslim Cemetary SOPs and ability to visually reserve plots on a map for Janazah Funeral process profiles and services!

I found a perfect examples that's simple and show be easy to follow for other committees or people in charge:

Garden of Peace Cemetery, located at 1310 S. Moorish Rd. in Swartz Creek, Michigan opened in 2009 and sits on 10 acres of land. The Cemetery is an approximate 5-minute drive from the Flint Islamic Center allowing easier accessibility.  The Cemetery, currently in Phase I has three sections: Section A, which has been developed, contains 927 plots; Section B, which has yet to be developed contains 612 plots with an additional 245 plots; Section C, which is also undeveloped, contains 723 plots - over 2,500 plots total. Gardens of Peace Cemetery has the ability to add more plots as needed in Phase II. ficwhattoexpectatmuslimfuneral.pdfDownload File                                                                    Arrangements The following is a general list of policies for burial at the Flint Islamic Cemetery. ​1. It is recommended to contact one of the following individuals to inform them of the loss of your loved one. This helps expedite the process of mosque preparations: 2. Contact Manager Melissa Butts at Dodds Funeral Home: 810-232-0817.  Dodds Funeral Home is our designated and approved funeral home for burial services. Payment is made to DODDS Funeral Home. 3. Paperwork regarding washing, transportation, etc. and payments will be made at Dodds Funeral Home. You must pay for the services before they are held. The Cemetery is a non-profit entity.   Approximate costs of burial include (costs are subject to change as our suppliers charge us). Dodd's Funeral Home price is $2,400 . Their price includes: ​ 1- Picking up the deceased & bringing them to the funeral home (extra price applies for long distances) 2- Using the facility for washing the deceased 3- Shroud for wrapping the deceased in 4- Opening and closing the grave (additional $250.00 if after 3 p.m. and/or a weekend) 5- Vault for the grave 6- Transferring deceased to the cemetery (and to the Mosque if requested) ​7- Headstone and Marker installation Total = $5,000.00 *Pre-owned Plot, Total: $3,700.00 **Death certificate: $ 25.00 ($10.00 per any additional) * Men and women attending the funeral must observe proper Islamic attire while in the Islamic Center and/or cemetery.

  • Hosam Shukairy               810-691-7738
  • ​Omar Razzak                     810-919-3844
  • $1,300 for the Lot    ​
  • $1,300 Headstone & Landmark (mandatory)

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